Nigeria youth drive for a change via social media #EndSARS, #EndPoliceBrutality , #EndSARSNOW, #SARSMUSTEND

The social media has played an important role in the protest to end SARS brutalization in the country , these protest which has been on for years but no result, recently thousands of Nigerians and foreigners took the protest to social media to air out their opinion,  in the bid to End  police and SARS brutalization and harassment in the country, youth has suffered a lot from this heartless security official, constantly harassing innocent people for living a wealthy life and also invading in people privacy by searching through people phones without search permit, executing large sum of money from them.

The hangtag ENDSARS begin when the president signed an inconsiderable billed into order, that allows police and SARS to carry out their heartless behaviour of searching phone and executing large sum of money from the citizen,

 few days before the bill was signed a team of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Nigeria Police allegedly killed a young man on Saturday, The incident occurred in front of Wetland Hotel, Ughelli in Delta State, The operatives allegedly shot the citizen and left the scene, A trending footage shows them speeding off in the victim’s vehicle – a white Lexus SUV.

Their activities have triggered protested off and on social media which has led to the awareness of the protest in Nigeria  (#EndSARS), #EndPoliceBrutality, With similar demonstrations beginning in the days following in other locations in the country. Also, in the diaspora, protesters assembled at Nigeria’s embassies in London, Washington D.C., and Berlin.

And online, there have been millions of hashtags denouncing police brutality and calling for the removal of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) from the police force.

Twitter, particularly, has served as a major tool to place this movement in the world’s eye as it has been the backdrop upon which the calls being made have been displayed.

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