Impact of Technology on the EndSARS Campaign

Impact of Technology on the EndSARS Campaign

Impact of Technology on the EndSARS Campaign has been undeniably advantageous.

The growth in the use of technology by many has been proven to be useful and has triggered oneness amongst various states in Nigeria and the world at large.

Technology is the future and the future is technology, Digital Technology has the power to spread information across the world fast and it reaches all users. In this case, the massive online protest with the hashtag #ENDSARS Campaign has spread worldwide and was made possible through the use of digital technology.

Technology has impacted the way we communicate, spread information, react and think. It helps societies and communities interact with each other on a daily basis, technology plays an important role in the society that chooses to adapt to the advantageous use of it as we can see now, its impact on the EndSARS Campaign that started as an online protest.

Technology made people queue into the #ENDSARS protest without hesitation and it helped to spread the issues on ground swiftly across countries of the world. The influence of technology in the #ENDSARS campaign has triggered the people from far and near to exercise their fundamental rights as citizens, the use of internet and smart phones has enlightened people to be smarter and fight for their rights as citizens.

Technology has impacted the #ENDSARS protest and has helped spread the voices and actions of the youths of Nigerians through pictures and videos of people on the streets holding fliers and placards, spreading public proclamation of #ENDSARS #ENDPOLICEBRUTALITY #STOPTHEKILLINGS.

Technology has been put to good use as and there is no room for rulers in disguise of leaders to hide its oppressions against the citizens as the #ENDSARS Campaign has gone viral to the extent that it was put on live billboards during football matches outside the country.

The internet has given access to live streaming of the campaign and protest on a 24 hours rate and everything we need to know about the protest has been made available on both individual/group pages and handles. Technology has enhanced so many things and this is just the beginning of the use of internet to get positive results needed in various aspects of our lives and the society at large.

The EndSARS Campaign

The brutality and killings by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) has been something that people can no longer take and Nigerians couldn’t take it any longer and through a community of enhanced digital technology users, the EndSARS Campaign started.

The power of the social media platforms has been put to good use by youths of Nigeria to say “enough is enough” with the killings. It first started on Twitter, and then it spread like wild fire across Facebook, Instagram and other social media platform including LinkedIn.

The EndSARS Campaign has shown the power of the technology and the power of Nigerian Youths, as the revolution started from Twitter where a large community of Twitter users used theirTwitter handles to kick start the #EndSARS Campaign, so many Twitter users queued into the Campaign and it became a massive protest against the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) set up by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

The #EndSARS Campaign became so massive on the internet that it spread to other countries of the world and from being an online campaign, it became a reality as people have moved out to the streets of Lagos, Delta, Abuja, Ogun, Osun, Rivers State and other states in Nigeria to protest against the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) that has been brutally killing the youths of Nigeria.

Continuously, the internet is still the driving force of the campaign as people are setting up live videos to show the world how the protest is going and people are posting various picture to promote the campaign against Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), they are requesting for the complete ban of the Squad calling it a rogue police unit. Those in power never expected this from the people of Nigeria, just because the people have been dying in silent for years. The use of internet has been effective to provoke the citizens to action seeing the pictures of brutality, killings, stealing and theft by the so called Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

Technology is powerful and can impact positively when put to good use, technology will continue to advance and will continue to be a tool in the hands of those that wields it. It will continue to influence and shape the way our society acts and reacts because communities have been linked through the internet,


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