How to become an outstanding blogger

You are here because you want to become an outstanding blogger. Believe me, it can be done. You can be memorable!

I read more than 10 blogs every single day, and I have observed some things which make bloggers stand out and be memorable. These are my recommendations:

Make a choice to be professional.

If you want anyone to take you seriously as a blogger, you must begin by taking yourself seriously. I am not asking you to abandon your fun writing style nor to stop wearing those witty funky humorous outfits you in your videos. I am advising you to set goals and be disciplined.

Take time to determine exactly what you want to achieve with your blog. Write it down and ensure it is measurable. Work at your blog as if its the company that is buttering your bread but remember to track your performance against your set target goals.

Be smart, stop doing what is not working. Research, innovate and invent ideas that will help you achieve your goals.

Be audience focused.

Unless you are someone who started your blog for personal catharsis, you must care about the person consuming your content. If you want to improve engagements, site visits and perhaps monetise your blog then your audience must be given the attention you would give your best customer.

Start by creating content which offers value to your audience. Ask yourself about the take away that you are presenting to your audience.Respond to comments as soon as possible.

Blogging is hard work, but you can do so much without putting yourself at the risk of burnout.

Craft great headings

The heading is often the first interaction your content has with your reader. Let it be something that draws your audience in.

Avoid using clickbait. These are headlines that promise things which are not in your content. Create at least 5 headings based on your content. Choose the one that promises value or solves a problem for your audience.

Define your Value Proposition

Your value proposition if you were a business is what separates you from the next business in the same industry. Nandos is in the fast-food chicken selling business. Below are the things that separate Nandos from the rest in their industry:

  • the recipe they use for cooking (flame-grilled chicken)
  • the font they use for their brand
  • tongue in cheek adverts.

Is your value proposition your writing style/tone? Is it the candidness in your podcast or the humour in your videos? What is it that your blog will do differently from the next blogger? Create your own unique value.

Be Visible

It takes more than great content to be an outstanding blogger. You need to be visible to people who need your content. One great way to do this is by networking with fellow bloggers. Join a community of bloggers and share your work.

Try doing the Afrobloggers Twitter account takeover to reach out to a wider audience. This will improve the traffic to your site and make you visible to brands.

Make your content easy to read and share

I have been asked countless times: What is the ideal length of a blog post? , It does not matter how long your content is if its great content people will read. People have read 450 paged novels before! What is important is ensuring that your content is easy to read.

Write short paragraphs and use subheadings to enable people to quickly scan your content. Use smart writing tools such as Grammarly to take care of typos, punctuation and grammar. Let your content be pleasing to the eye by using good photos and pull quotes.

Place your sharing buttons where they are visible and easily accessible.

If you want to improve engagements, site visits and perhaps monetise your blog, your audience must be given the attention you would give your best customer.

Work Smart

Blogging is hard work, but you can do so much without putting yourself at the risk of burnout. Ensure that you have downloaded these 10 apps that every blogger must-have.

Work with a publishing schedule. Create content in advance so that your audience does not miss out when “life” happens to you. Consistency builds a loyal following the same way it builds a great reputation for you.

Read a lot

Avid readers are often great content creators! Read widely, from content by fellow bloggers to current affairs developments. Stay on top of the game by being knowledgeable.

Being widely read helps you when engaging some of the commenters on your site, for they are people from all walks of life.

Reading also makes it easy to come up with new content. Writer’s block is another name for lacking information about what your audience needs. Find out what they are reading, what news they are following. In your next post answer the questions that developed when you took the same journey as your audience. It is most likely what your audience are also struggling with.

I believe you can develop into an outstanding blogger if you apply these recommendations consistently. However different situations have different solutions, share what has worked or failed for you in the comments below:

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