PS5 players find hidden DualSense feature

PlayStation 5 players have discovered a hidden DualSense feature.

The video game console keeps surprising gamers who have found a range of hidden features since its launch in November as the console has not relayed any information.

They have now discovered how to turn off the DualSense controller that has been completely reworked from the PlayStation 4.

One gamer found that by holding down the PS button on the DualSense controller for 10 seconds it will turn off the controller.

It comes after gamers learned other features of the new console, including how to mute all audio by holding down the mute button for 10 seconds.

The much-hyped PlayStation 5 was recently launched amid a wave of publicity and Sony Interactive’s Jim Ryan has outlined his ambition for the console.

He said: “I’m not going to make any statements about what our targets for PS5 are. “But I see absolutely no reason why anybody couldn’t achieve sales of 100 million consoles in this generation. And I see many reasons why that’s possible.”

The much-discussed console has been launched amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis, and Jim admits it’s proven to be a huge challenge for Sony.

He continued: “On the production side, the first wave of the pandemic, when lockdown was really very rigorous pretty much all around the world, made it impossible for us to visit our factories and in person sign off or approve the final manufacturing setup. “All of that had to be done remotely, basically by camera. As you can imagine, that is a very, very non-trivial task.

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