The Village Capital Agriculture Africa Accelerator Program has selected nine Agritech start-ups to participate in this year program. Out of the nine two will stand a chance to be winners of $50000 each. All nine selected Agritech Start-ups will leverage technology to solve Agriculture related issues across Africa.

The participants will participate in a three day workshop between October and December 2019 and the winners declare in December.

Village Capital launched its Africa Agriculture 2019 initiative alongside Ceniarth and small foundation. Village Capital is a venture capital firm which focus solely on investing in prime stage of start-ups. Meaning those who enjoy this invest are the ones who provide technologies and services for smallholder farmers in order to address food security. The nine Agritech start-ups selected for this program are:

  • Volta Irrigation: this is an irrigation service provider in Rwandan.
  • ReelFruit: this is a startup that process dried fruits in Nigeria.
  • eMsika: this is an agro-inputs e-commerce startup in Zambia.
  • Complete Farmer: this is an agri-investment platform in Ghana.
  • Aywajieune: this is an online platform for fish products in Senegal.
  • Raino Tech4Impact: this is another agritech that provides solar-powered solutions for preserving and hauling agro commodities across East Africa. It is based in Kenya.
  • Capture:  provides tech-enabled automated payment services for businesses in Kenya.
  • Agro Supply:  allows farmers to save money for seed and fertilizer, using their mobile phones in Uganda.
  • Akellobanker:  this enables farmers to purchase inputs on credit in Uganda.


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