A leading direct-selling company, Avon South Africa, has announced the launching of a new mobile app called Avon ON as part of its digital strategy. The new mobile app offers richer and seamless user experience to its customers.

Avon ON is currently available for both Apple users and Android users. It is an interactive app that enables representatives to share digital brochures to their customers and create content to connect and engage with customers.

Momin Hukamdad, Executive Commercial Marketing Director at Avon, explained: “The new app gives expression to our brand values of empowering women by providing them with the opportunity to empower themselves financially. Our new app is an incredible one-stop tool that allows Representatives to engage with customers intimately, almost as if they were sitting with them, going through the monthly digital brochure or showing them newly launched products.”
He added, “We are excited to be introducing this app to the market as we believe that it will go a long way towards enriching our customer’s experience with the Avon brand.”

The launch of Avon ON follows the rollout of Direct Deliveries which allows Avon’s customers to receive their orders directly from the company.

“We live in a fast-paced and digitally connected world where technology and connectivity give us the opportunity to improve customer experience. Through connectivity and technology, we will open the doors our independent Representative while we give her customers positive shopping experience in line with our brand values,” said Momin.


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