Coderina Education and Technology Foundation partners with Google to train over 3000 youths through the platform of Google CSFirst Code Club. The Google Coding Club will be introduced to over a hundred schools and communities in Nigeria. The Google CSFirst Code Club will support by providing essential computer science materials for free to train different students ranging from grade 4 to 8 of age 9 to 16.

Using Creative thinking Techniques, Coding Education and Technology will be providing technical and vocational training to teachers in the area of ICT. The CSFirst has it curriculum focus on Programming languages and bit from MIT. This is aim to equip kids and youths with 21st century coding skills, creativity skill, critical thinking and problem solving; in order to empower these kids and youths to contribute to community development in solving real life situation in the areas of Music, Storytelling, Game Design, Fashion and Sports.

Mr Akinniyi Obaide, the Director of Coderina said the training will involve secondary and technical school students’ between the ages of 9 to 16. Libraries, youth camps and community center will be used for the training.

2019 Google’s CSFirst Code Club will also be taken place simultaneously in Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria.


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