A global logistics company DHL, has expanded its online ecommerce business to13 new markets in Africa. In April 2019, the Africa eShop went live to connect over 200 UK and US sellers to African customers who need their products. These new market include Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad, Ethiopia, Angola,  Guinea, Lesotho, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Burundi,  Togo, Niger and Sudan.  This is coming shortly after it expanded to 9 markets in May 2019. All of these moves are as a result of the company’s vision to cover the whole countries in Africa. The company takes advantage of local fintech platform like M-Pesa and Paga platform to process payments. With all these features customers in Africa can shop across top brands and have it shipped to their doorstep. Africa eShop operates through startup MallforAfrica.com’s white label fulfillment service, Link Commerce. The platform allows users to purchase goods directly from the websites of any of the app global partners. Africa eShop DHL is offering discount to attract new customers and retain existing ones too (buy 5 items and get a $20 flat shipping fee).

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