In 2018, the Ethopian airlines tend to change their mobile first payment strategy using the CellPoint’s ‘Velocity’ payment platform. But later on they came to realise about how to reach international travel market and that is how the idea of WeChat Pay and KNET came about.

On Monday, 16 September 2019, with the help and partnership with digital commerce and payment solutions platform; Cell Point Digital to introduce Wechat Pay and KNET with Ethiopian Airlines, they announce plans to expand payment method.

“As we go into the new market we hope to offer convenient and seamless payment process on our mobile phones for our passengers,” says Miretab Teklaye, Digital Director of Ethiopian Airlines. “With the help of CellPoint as our technology partner allows us to add new payment methods to make it more convenient for our consumers in these regions. Then with the help of WeChat and KNET it will further promote first of many new payments to roll out and further expand into India, Middle East and Europe.”

Velocity makes it possible for airlines and travel companies to activate new forms of payments within matter of weeks. Ethiopian Airlines is committed to grantee the best possible digital experience for their customers and our Velocity payment platform can introduce rapidly any global wallet,” says Ciaran Wilson, Senior Sales and Account Director at CellPoint Digital. “To eliminate future payment friction in all their markets, we look further growing alongside Ethiopian Airlines.”

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