FNB Business Innovation Awards (FNB BIA) has open entries for three categories to include entire business landscape in South Africa. FNB partners with 10X and the Township Entrepreneur Alliance (TEA) to introduce SME and township entrepreneur categories, adding to the Endeavour global category. Entry opens officially form 1st, of April 2019.

FNB Business CEO Mike Vacy-Lyle says South Africa is currently facing issues challenging the economic growth and creation of sustainable jobs. Both big and small businesses have the capacity to help achieve sustainable economic growth and development if given adequate support form government and private sector.

“Business owners who take the extra steps to constantly innovate, strive for success and reinvent themselves are celebrated by FNB BIA. These entrepreneur continue to take risk despite the challenging economic circumstances, while remaining optimistic about growth said Vacy Lyle”

Regardless of their sizes, FNB Business Innovation Awards is open to all businesses that can demonstrate great innovation. The businesses must exhibit high growth potential and economic capacity to affect South Africa economy positively. Ability to provide jobs, good business ethics and goodwill are all among the many factors that will be checked by the selection panel.

All the business successful entries in each categories will undergo a selection process where qualify businesses will be assessed by a selection panel before they are shortlisted in FNB BIA final list for 2019. Those who qualify for the final list will again present their businesses to the final judge panel, were a winner in each category will be picked.

The winner will be given the value of R1 million as business development support to help their businesses expand and increase capacity. The award for the winners will be tag FNB Business Innovators of the year 2019, announced at the FNB award ceremony.
Interested entrepreneur have up to 30th of June 2019, to submit entries on www.fnbbia.co.za.

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