Gebeya an Ethiopian Edtech platform is putting the necessary things in place in order to expand their company to Senegal. This is due to the fact that Senegal was the first centre for Coders4Africa (C4A) and the larger per cent of the population is under the age of 25 which signify stronger workforce. 

The francophone market in Senegal is one of Gebeya major focus will lots of opportunities. This expansion will be an avenue to create job opportunities and train tech professional in Senegal.

The CEO of Gebeya and co-founder Amadou Daffe said in his statement that Senegal is a perfect environment for tech companies  as it gives room for numerous hubs dedicated to tech growth and development to thrive.  

Hiruy Amanuel a co-founder also said they are glad to explore different sectors in Africa countries in order to see what they could offer in relation to tech services.

In 2016 Gebeya was launched to create self-supporting community grants for Africa IT talents.  Gebeya is currently in Ethiopia, Kenya, UK and US. The platform grows through hiring, training and mentorship programs. The management is planning on creating an employee market that will connect experience tech professional with companies and even start-ups that needs their services.

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