The Vice-Chancellor of Accra Technical University (ACT), Prof. Edmund Ameko says the students will from January, be able to study drone technology and 3D printing in a purpose-built laboratory.

The Vice Chancellor revealed that A-Tech Group Korea Incorporation has backed the course strongly and they are committed to constructing environment-friendly technology for sustainable development, so that they can offer these programmes.

A laboratory for the 3-D design and printing, drone assembly, programming and flight – and CDMA wireless system installation as well as the deployment training has been launched at the institution new campus.

According to Edmund Ameko, the syllabus for the drone assembly, programming and flight training would cover Aeromechanics, flight simulation and training.

In Africa, the deployment of drone technology has increased in different sectors like – surveillance, agriculture, health, e-commerce, entertainment amongst others.

Some start-ups are already generating clients and income with the use of drone technology like– South Africa’s Rocketmine, Ghana’s Aeroshutter, Beat Drone in Nigeria and Uganda’s Zipline just to mention a few.

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