Hisense has just recently launched new smartphones, 4k 100 inches Laser TV and an interactive screen for video conference with interactive touch screen boosting 4k UHD resolution for eye catching presentations. Hisense is a company that has been in existence since 1969 with the production of television only before venturing to produce other products.Hisense is a multi-billion dollar company, with different brands and over 40 subsidiaries and in the production of new design to bring satisfaction to customers. Hisense is a sponsor of global events such Olympic Games, sport like football and other entertainment.

Hisense Mobile Head of Marketing and Product Planning, Liam Faurie said” There is no better time to launch Hisense smartphones to South Africa and Hisense Laser TV rather on the occasion of our 50th anniversary celebration”. Hisense Infinity H30 smartphone has a crystal clear6.5 water drop display and screen to body ratio of 83.3per cent that gives users a cinematic experience for watching movies and other videos. It has 4530mah battery with Artificial Intelligence power saving for longer battery life. The H30 Lite has a 6.1 display, 3000mah battery with a dual camera artificial intelligence scene adaptation technology, producing perfect shot for users.

Hisense Consumer Electronics Sales Director Luna Nortje, said “Hisense Laser TV was developed to provide consumers with cinematic experience in their homes. Hisense 4K 100 inches Laser TV offers dual colour laser natural viewing with large screen and cinema sound. Viewer only needs to seat four meters away from the screen against the nine meters to watch a 100 inches LED TV. Other features of the TV set include a JBL sound system, compriseing 14 independent speakers and a handmade wireless subwoofer and with dbx-tv audio technology. The audio is enhanced to give the same feel like that of a movie theatre”.

Hisense Interactive Digital Board (HIDB) has wonderful features for consumer’s enjoyment as interactive touch screen for writing and erasing and 4k UHD resolution for eye catching presentation. It has great functionalities such smooth fast computing and responsive touch capabilities which gives video meetings an immersive multimedia experience. This is most likely going to replace the traditional projection on white board because of its great features.

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