ITAN is an association of over 350 Information Technology driven companies in Nigeria. It was founded in 1991 to promote IT literacy and penetration in Nigeria; and to promote members’ interest in the area of trade, public policy formulation and negotiations with government on IT policy matters. The vision of ITAN is to engender a new Nigeria powered by Information Technology; and the mission is to pursue with vigor and accomplish an Information Society in Nigeria using diverse and cutting-edge tools and means.


PUBLIC POLICY: The realm of Policy Making plays a central part in ITAN’s activities since inception in 1991. We work closely with Government Ministries, National Assembly and are engaging the political parties. ITAN also work in collaboration with other stakeholders to do the following things.

SENSITISATION: ITAN also partner with Nigerian policy makers to promote the importance of ICT in national development.

EXCHANGE OF VIEWS (SPECIFIC TO IT): ITAN works with WITSA to compliment public policy makers and industry leaders for exchange and transfer of IT know-how.

ARTICULATE COMMON POLICY: ITAN assist organizations both public and private to concretise common policy thrust to accelerate IT development in Nigeria.

VOICE OF ADVOCACY: ITAN is a voice of advocacy at important government leadership fora and in regular individual conversations with real decision markers.

NETWORKING AND CONTACTS: ITAN provides networking opportunities for its members and key IT experts through its numerous events the year round. Such opportunities involve International trade tours, and missions especially on WITSA platform for necessary networking and contracts that are keys to business profitability.

SERVICE & INFORMATION: ITAN keeps its members informed about ongoing trends and issues relevant to the industry. To this effect, the ITAN Newsletter/SmartBrief, the Processor is published regularly, ITAN provides robust information about the industry. The site is updated regularly to provide current information about ITAN programmes and events as well as those of our partners. ITAN/WITSA market research initiative provides members with solid, objective data analysis of the ICT markets. ITAN also offers its members practical assistance with checklists and guidelines.

Click here to become a member of ITAN http://itan.org.ng/online-registration/

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