South Sudan is set to experience a new technological advancement through the delivery of fibre connectivity by Liquid Telecom.  This technology will aid connection in the country to One Africa broadband network which cut across 13 African countries. This is the first of its kind taken place in the country with its first phase of the project planned to be completed before the end of the year.

An inaugural ceremony was held to announce the commencement of the project on the 1st of July, 2019. The president of south Sudan, government officials and executives of Liquid Telecom were among those present at the ceremony. The president in his statement said he knows that this new technology in the country will result in job creation, affordable communication, improved social mobility, economic growth and development.

Strive Masiwa the Executive Chairman of Liquid Telecom at the ceremony said connecting South Sudan to One Africa will promote pan Africa trade and foster the growth of Africa’s digital future. Internet connectivity issues being a major challenge facing the South Sudan economy will be resolved to a large extent with the help of this new technology, providing affordable and strong internet facilities for over 13 million people.

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