Securing your online Identity is important. Nowadays, it gets pretty difficult to separate digital from physical realities. Especially when lots of personal information out there are vulnerable to attack. A secured digital identity solution would help people protect their data from fraud.

Mastercard and Samsung want to create a secure digital identity platform to protect user’s personal information on mobile devices. Their single digital identity will replace multiple passwords and login details. It will provide consumers with protection when they submit information online and will not collect the customer’s info.

Mastercard also announced a similar partnership with Microsoft last year. The collaboration with Samsung will give consumers complete control of their privacy. The digital identity product will cover the customer’s data ownership, confidentiality, and transparency.
According to Mastercard’s press release, people will soon be able to access a digital identity capability on their devices for interactions in both the physical and digital worlds. This will provide consumers with a more efficient way to interact with businesses and service providers.

Mastercard is a technology company that offers global payments services. Their clients include individual consumers, financial institutions, merchants, governments and businesses in more than 210 countries.

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