The government is putting up a means to be able to know the amount of people and make them have identity cards available for people in the country. With the help of the World Bank, European Union and others on the project for the National Identity Management Commission(NIMC) with the estimated sum of $433 million. NIMC plans to launch a new digital system that would capture citizen’s identity and issue out identity numbers for the next 5 years.

NIMC Director General, Aliyu Aziz, a new digital system will be launched in collaboration with other government agencies and the private sector by the end of the month. The reason for the partnership with private and public is because of the 200 million citizen and non-citizens resident which would not be capable for the thousands data centres across the country. That is why they need help from partners. The main reason of why this NIMC will be beneficial to citizens, so they can participate in national decision-making activities. The new decision made by the Federal Government is to make citizens have an identification number before vote, open bank accounts, issued passports or receive pension. Nigerians should not flee away from the scheme rather they should endeavour to register when process begins.


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