I-invest, a Parthian Partners initiative in Nigeria, has generated approximately 6 billion naira in 6 months from its current active users. The mobile application which currently boasts of 60,000 downloads, with aprroximately 30,000 registered users, allows current and aspiring investors facilitate investments in treasury bills and also foster a healthy savings culture.

Oluseye Olusoga, CEO Parthian Partners said, “We are happy that we were able to make this much of an impact at such a short time. This helps us solidify our goal of playing our part in building Nigeria’s economy. The more people invest with the app, the bigger the money market becomes. This he believes is a step in the right direction although It will take some time to make a more significant impact”.

The app allows for investors to make payments into their virtual wallet, either by direct transfers, or with the use of a card from where investments can be made. Investments are also held in safe custody, by a licensed securities custodian which protects all investments on the platform effectively. The app is under the purview of the Securities & Exchange Commission.

Treasury bills are low risks instruments which are backed by the full faith and credit of the Federal Government of Nigeria, offering up to 12% – 14% returns on investment depending on the duration of investment within the app. Not only does the platform offer risk-free investments, it also boasts of competitive returns, compared to saving on traditional accounts.

I-invest aims to expand more investment opportunities, and is available for download on both the Apple store and the Google Playstore.

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