Opera broswer Nigeria base fintech startup “Opay” has launched an on demand public bus hailing services “OBus” to expand its services offered at lagos in Nigeria. other services offered by OPay include ORide for bike hailing, OTrike for tricycle hailing, OList for ads listing services and OFood for food delivery. OBus which is one of OPay services is a ride hailing service which will be access through the OPay app. This is aimed at providing conventional buses that will give the passengers more comfort. These services will come inform of branded hummer buses that can ply the intrastate routes and give rise to cashless payment. Through the QR enabled OBus cards passengers will be able to pay for their trip. For the card, #200 is the lowest you can purchase and it will be available at OPay agents accredited designated stop points. To ensure successful payment for a trip the barcode on the OBus card will be read by a sensor reader in the buses. Other payment can also be made through the OPay wallet.

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