Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem, in collaboration with the Government of Ghana, announced the Ghana Oracle Digital Enterprise Program, to support technology-enabled startups and entrepreneurs across Ghana.

The Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem organises programs for entrepreneurs and innovators worldwide. It plans to support 500 local startups through access to Oracle Cloud technology, mentorship, workshops, business enablement, and support resources. The program allows startups to put Oracle’s vast technology and business resources in businesses to help them scale and succeed. The global program, which does not take equity, serves startups at scale by enabling next-generation growth, business development, and drives cloud-based ingenuity for startups by creating a virtuous cycle of innovation.

Jason Williamson, Vice President, Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem said the program would support 500 local B2B or B2C startups and connect them to executives and resources such as Oracle’s marketing and customer ecosystems to further boost their businesses. Oracle will engage with local innovation hubs to execute the program. Qualifying startups can have the opportunity to access Oracle’s marketing and customer ecosystems to boost their businesses further.


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