Austin Okere, Founder and Executive Vice Chairman of CWG

The Founder and Executive Vice Chairman of CWG, Mr. Austin Okere, has disclosed that CWG as a company that enables growth, plays its role in the country’s Oil & Gas industry by bringing to the table the technological needs of each player in the sector, especially in the maintenance of technical equipment, which it does leveraging information technology.

According to Okere, CWG Plc, endorsed as the largest system integration company in Nigeria works closely with the oil companies, providing managed services to them. This, he argues, allows them to focus on their core business.

CWG brings to bear the technological needs of our clients in the oil and gas industry. We work very tightly with them in maintenance of technical equipment, especially in the area of information technology,” he said.

He also added that CWG also provides collocation services through its Data Center to major Oil & Gas players, accentuating that innovation and efficiency, which come through consistent research and development have a major role to play.

Okere disclosed that CWG is going more deeply into platforms that provide sharing of technical facilities for everybody to use and learn from. These platforms, he said, will allow innovations to thrive. This he said when asked other markets CWG is breaking into.

He explained that these innovations are in three types. Acoording to him, “There is Market Substituting Innovation, which is just making a better product of what you have. There is Market Efficiency Innovation, which is doing more with less, and that is what a lot of the oil majors did in order to bring the pricing down by 60 percent. The biggest innovation is what we call Market Creating Innovation. Market creating innovation is the kind of thing that provides jobs, that expands the industry.

He said the market with the aim of creating innovation for the industry is the main focus of CWG at the moment, believing it will lead to having sustainable projects rather than everybody scraping the barrel and competing for a shrinking part.


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