Pundi X, a company into finding innovative ways to harness blockchain technology to facilitate financial inclusion, has officially launched its blockchain powered smartphone, in Kigali Rwanda.
This XPhone happens to be the first of its kind in Africa.

According to the CEO and co-founder, Zac Cheah, “The XPhone allows everyone to make a phone call on the blockchain.” The phone was unveiled at the GSMA Mobile 360 Africa.

The XPhone is powered by Function X (FX) operating system – a blockchain system as compared to other phones which are either powered by android, IOS or Windows system.

According to Pundi X, with a blockchain phone, users are connected to the blockchain – everything they do from texting and calling to taking photos and browsing is transmitted via the blockchain.

Blockchain has always been known to be associated with the finance industry, but now its evolving to involve real life applications such as helping in designing smart contracts, enable digital voting, create digital Ids, and enhance supply chain management, just to mention but a few.

The XPhone comes with some specialised features, such as:

  1. there is no centralised service provider, making it secure as consumers are in charge of their own data.
  2. it has an open-source which means that anyone that is interested to build applications and services can do it easily.
  3. it enables for a smooth transition between blockchain and traditional Android mode.

The start-up says it plans to produce only 5000 XPhones in late 2019, but intends to partner with telecommunication companies to produce more of the phone.


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