ROLI is a London-based music technology company known for its high tech musical instruments, particularly the Seaboard. Rectron has announced that it will distribute ROLI’s musical touch technology in South Africa from April 2019.

ROLI’s journey in music technology began with the launch of the Seaboard GRAND, a premium performance synthesiser that essentially reimagined the piano. Since then, ROLI has been changing the way people make music. In fact, its Seaboard family of instruments paved the way for unprecedented musical expression in-studio.
Over time, ROLI’s uniquely touch-responsive instruments have also become smaller, more affordable, more compatible and more approachable. The company’s goal is to make its technology more accessible, so that ultimately everyone can create their own music.

Currently, ROLI’s broad range of devices includes everything from handheld drum pads to stage-performance synthesisers. Its software programmes include free apps as well as advanced sound design programmes.

The company’s technology is also designed with compatibility in mind. ROLI’s hardware and software tools connect with each other as well as other popular music-making programmes. And while ROLI BLOCKS make music creation truly mobile, its online platform enables people to share music easily.

“South Africa’s music makers are about to experience amazing new ways to express themselves. We’re delighted to partner with Rectron and make the Seaboard, Songmaker Kit, and other instruments available across the country,” says Sarah Yule, EMEA Sales Director at ROLI.

“Technology has completely transformed the way we create and consume music. As we move forward, music technology products will become even more dynamic and accessible, and ROLI will play a key role in driving that journey forward,”

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