With the innovation of technology in Africa, which has improved the wellbeing and also made things easier and faster for individuals. With the low technology in the health sector, the emerging technologies such as AI, EHR, IoMT, augmented reality, wearables and robotics the industry can reap significant benefits that will be used to help lower cost in healthcare, reduction in error dosage, improved patient care, hospital asset tracking and monitoring and also the reduce the on-site of medical personnel in African healthcare facilities.

The main aims for the 5th annual Healthcare Innovation Summit Africa is to tackle the many challenges that healthcare portray in Africa, and also look at what are the emerging technology that can improve healthcare on the continent. In order to maintain the constant growth in the healthcare sector, it its critical to embrace that the reduction in the overall cost of healthcare would be looked into especially in these economic challenges been faced globally in Africa.

The Gallagher Convention Centre, the fifth edition of the Healthcare Innovation Summit Africa which would take place on the 8th and 9th of October, 2019 will focus on exploring emerging healthcare technology trends and aims to provide solutions to technology challenges within healthcare. Under the theme “Digital Building Blocks For A Patient-Centred Healthcare System” the summit will host the who’s who of African healthcare for two days of networking, lively intellectual exchange and exploration to see what’s new, what’s cutting edge and what will shape the future of healthcare.


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