Truecaller is going to be probe by the National Information Technology Agency in Nigeria (NITDA) over breach of data sharing and user privacy. The NITDA is an ICT Policy Implementation arm of the Federal Ministry of Information and Communication i.e. implementing policy and guidelines for ICT operation in the country. NITDA wrote on their twitter page that mobile smartphone users complained of information breaches from the use of the application which is installed on their phone. This actually prompt the NITDA into carrying out deep investigation which later revealed that Truecaller privacy policy does not comply with global laws on data protection and Nigeria’s Data Protection Regulation (NDPR). Therefore Truecaller has been tagged insecure for misusing data provided by users. Truecaller has over 7million Nigeria users and its privacy law revealed incongruence with the Nigeria data protection law, disparity, poor construction of service terms and a total breach of what was state in the content of its privacy law. some of the activities listed by the NITDA that Truecaller was engaging in are supplementing information provided by users with that from a third party, information of site visited, APIs and sharing of user information with third parties like network agencies and advertisers. All these data are collected by Truecaller without the consent of the user. Through this probe, NITDA wants to also reassure Nigerian of their commitment in protecting their personal information and effectively monitoring the activities of all Tech companies operating in the country.


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