The Shell LiveWire Innovation Award has selected FarmToJuice and Food Nig Ltd and Basiled Energy Ventures a Nigeria start-ups company along with 21 other companies. FarmToJuice and Food Nig Ltd is a startup that specializes in producing juice, leverage biogas digester to provide energy and processes waste into livestock feed. Basiled Energy Venture is into the production of solar lamps, installs solar, maintenance and repair and solar battery recycling services. These are the finalist that will compete for the top ten innovators awards of Shell LiveWire.

This Award is focus on rewarding businesses that are innovative.  The shell LiveWire is a Youth Enterprise Development Program launched in 2003. The program was design to support upcoming entrepreneur with training and finances which will aid them in transforming their business ideal into strong businesses that have the capacity to create employment and other opportunities.

Businesses shortlist will be uploaded on the Shell LiveWire website creating room for the public to vote. This will be open from 9th to 18th of September 2019. Winner and two runners up will be selected across energy & mobility, food & agriculture and other categories. Winners will get $20,000 and runners up will get $10,000 each. Winners (Top Ten Innovators) will receive mentorship from Shell Staff and exposure to Shell’s global network.

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