Vodacom plan to make involvement and investment into the South African gaming and esports scene, this Telecommunication Company (Vodacom) recently announced a partnership with rAge, which is known as South Africa’s longest-running gaming, technology.

As much as gaming and esports is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world and in South Africa? Vodacom, according to rAge on a long run have been a beneficial factor to the previous contribution and invention in growing and funding local sports.

From those who enjoy playing games from the comfort of their homes or on their mobile handset allow them to participate in their passion anywhere and to those who compete in esports at a competitive level. Partnership allows us to participate in a large market. With the long term commitment to the gaming and esports scene, “Vodacom world will provide a play host in their Flagship Digital Mall to a variety of gaming events and creates experience providing gamers the opportunity to know how it feels to have good network speeds and capability first hand,” Mendes added.

“This partnership with Vodacom is a significant surge forward for the gaming industry in South Africa, and particularly for rAge. This is good leap forward for the gaming in South Africa in future and looking forward for what will become of this as years go by. The future is definitely exciting with “Vodacom rAge,” said Michael James, Senior Project Manager, rAge.

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