The most popular video sharing platform YouTube plans to remove all advertisement targeted as content which kids might watch. This removal is to fulfill the Federal Trade Commission Policy on children’s privacy online. The plan to remove such ads came as a result of YouTube falling out with the Federal Trade Commission who is intensely looking to see if the video sharing platform breached the children’s online privacy act (COPPA). There are assumptions that the company’s ads sale might be affected by this move.

Companies are prohibited from advertising to children below 13 of age without parental guidance by the Children Online Privacy Policy Act (COPPA). However web browsing cookies provide information that impinges the children’s right. YouTube has pointed out that the main site is not for kids rather kids should be refer to YouTube Kids app which are ads free though the main site till shows cartoons and kids related video with adult rated ads.

In response to the complaint from people to the chairman of Federal Trade Commission Mr Joseph Simons, he presented the idea of removing ads from kid’s contents on YouTube.

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